Maritime security

Supporting operators in the maritime industry with all their security needs

As a major player in maritime security, IRENA provides its customers with specific human and technological solutions.

Mission securite maritime

Maritime and port security

Providing protection and training

Through our customized solutions in compliance with the ISPS code, we deploy our resources to protect ships and ports, while training your crews and land-based staff.

Our key missions:

  • providing training, assessment and intelligence services to prevent and prepare your organizations
  • deterring threats and offering protection and support so that you can operate under the best possible conditions
  • taking action, managing emergencies and investigating in order to deal with incidents and implement corrective measures.
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Human, material and technological resources to protect your maritime operations

  • Availability of on-board experts (Ship Security Officers, Port Security Officer)
  • Protection speedboats
  • Protection and access control for ships when docked (Guards)
  • Crew training
  • Crisis and incident management
  • Auditing of port facilities
  • Prevention of contamination risks
  • Drafting of emergency procedures
  • Compliance with international maritime ISPS regulations
  • Intelligence and information processing
  • Drones and remotely-operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), (hull checks and prevention patrols)
  • Underwater inspections (Divers)
Our solution in action

Implementation of a comprehensive Maritime Security strategy

With regular acts of piracy endangering our customer’s crews and ships, we have developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure their security.

Atlantic coast, North Africa.

Our other fields of expertise

Security management

Our experts in the field are integrated within your teams to manage every aspect of your security.

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Security management

Security consulting

We provide ongoing support to manage your security challenges.

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Security Consulting

Physical security

We mobilise our operational resources to protect your teams on the ground.

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