Because training facilitates anticipation

Would you like to prepare your employees for working in sensitive areas and train your teams in security issues?

At IRENA, we’ve developed a robust training catalogue, enabling you to reinforce the security culture within your organization and prepare your teams for working in degraded environments.

HEAT programme

Customized training programs

Universal training for a broad audience, or highly specialized programme, IRENA has the ideal training solution

We have been an approved institutional training organization for over 10 years. Our teams will train your local or expatriate staff to prepare them as effectively as possible for the challenges of expatriation or assignments in areas where security conditions pose a threat.

We offer a comprehensive catalogue of specialised training courses, ranging from basic preventive measures in the event of expatriation, to approved programmes lasting several days focused on real-life situations
Training gives you the right tools for crisis management.

A few examples of the training courses we offer:

  • HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)
  • Country risk awareness
  • “Cybersecurity” training pack


Would you like to organise a training course for your teams?

All our training courses are tailored to your needs and constraints.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements and develop a tailor-made training programme

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Examples of training courses organised

HEAT for staff of a European Institution.

Over 5 days, European Union’s staff working in region were trained during practical and theoretical workshops to prepare them for the security risks they may face.

Latin America.

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Country risk awareness training for 300 employees.

Our customer has deployed more than 300 employees on a construction project in a high-risk area. They require urgent training in the right behaviours to adopt to protect themselves.


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Our other fields of expertise

Maritime security

Whether on land or at sea, we train your crews, while protecting your ships and infrastructure.

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Maritime security

Security consulting

We provide ongoing support to manage your security challenges.

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Physical security

We mobilise our operational resources to protect your teams on the ground.

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Physical security

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