Crisis management and assistance

Helping you manage crises and incidents

Incident and crisis management is part of IRENA’s core business and a key pillar of our operations.

In case of an emergency, we mobilize our teams, operational resources and network of experts to protect your teams and assets.

Crisis management

Crisis management and support

Always by your side…

Whether involving support contracts or exceptional one-off operations, there are many situations in which our teams can support your staff and/or protect your interests in a crisis.

We are always by your side to respond and protect your staff and your organization in the event of a major crisis.

In what kinds of situations?

  • assaults, extortion, kidnap
  • political or security crises
  • natural disasters
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Our solutions

Providing ongoing support and consulting services to manage emergencies

  • Assistance in the event of an emergency or crisis
  • Crisis management training for staff
  • Crisis management and business continuity plans
  • Consulting and negotiation services
Our solution in action

Evacuation of employees in a social and security crisis.​

Amid a sharp rise in violence due to gang activity, we exfiltrated two of our customer’s employees form the risk zone.

Capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince.

Our other fields of expertise

Security management

Our experts in the field are integrated within your teams to manage every aspect of your security.

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Security management

Physical security

We mobilise our operational resources to protect your teams on the ground.

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Physical security


We help develop your skills and promote a security culture within your organisation.

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