Atlantic coast, North Africa


Our customer’s ships are regularly attacked by pirate groups or contaminated by drug traffickers, putting the crew and ship at risk.
It is essential that security is restored to ensure operations continue to run smoothly and prevent the business from being impacted.

Our specialist teams implement a comprehensive strategy to reduce the impact of these illegal activities on our customer’s operations

Integration of specialist staff on-board

  • crew training on the detection and management of contamination attempts (aggressive and passive) and acts of piracy
  • ship security assessments, including access vulnerabilities, boarding vulnerabilities, protection systems, emergency procedures, etc.
  • coordination of local security teams (guards, marine escorts) and with local public safety authorities, at every port of call (coastguard, police services, navy, anti-drug units, etc.)
  • coordination of on-board crews and ongoing consulting with the Master on security issues in the event of an incident
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Access control and protection in port areas

  • deployment of security guards to control access to the ships and to carry out security patrols
  • marine escort units (armed/unarmed) to protect ships and prevent/respond in the event of boarding attempts involving hostile elements (contamination or acts of piracy)

Other examples of missions

Local set up of a corporate security policy.

Cotonou, Benin and neighbouring countries.
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Security management for a photovoltaic project in a high-risk area.

Norte de Santander Department, Colombia.
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Security management

Evacuation of employees in a social and security crisis.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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Port au Prince, Haïti

IRENA’S fields of expertise

Every customer is faced with issues specific to their situation. With our broad range of expertise, we always provide a bespoke strategy and approach, tailored to their specific issues and the local environment.

Security consulting

We provide ongoing support to manage your security challenges.
Security Consulting
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Maritime security

Whether on land or at sea, we train your crews, while protecting your ships and infrastructure from modern-day threats.
Maritime security
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Security management

Our experts in the field are integrated within your teams to manage every aspect of your security strategy.
Security management
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Physical security

We mobilise our operational resources to protect your teams on the ground.
Physical security
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Protecting your digital infrastructure and training your teams.
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We respond quickly to guide, accompany and support you in the event of low- and high-level security crises.
Crisis management
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We help develop your skills and promote a security culture within your organisation.
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