Physical security

Operational and technological solutions for your protection

Diplomatic security, protective security, safe transportation, technological devices, IRENA deploys all of its resources to protect people, facilities and goods.

Physical Security

IRENA protective security

Deploying our operational resources for your protection

Our teams assess threats and vulnerabilities and implement practical solutions to protect your staff and sites.

With precisely defined and tailor-made solutions, our customers benefit from the in-depth expertise of our highly-qualified operational staff.

Accompanying engineers in mountainous areas, protecting a CEO on a visit to a subsidiary, deploying a team of diplomatic security agents to protect an embassy; these are just some of the many solutions that our physical security division can implement.

Whether local or international experts, our specialists are all highly-qualified and trained to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Most of our team started out their careers working in specialized intelligence, police or military units.

Over the years, we have developed unique expertise in embassies protection. 

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Our solutions

People-based solutions

  • Close protection officers, security drivers, etc.
  • Secure transportation (armored or not)
  • Security officers for diplomatic facilities
  • Security for public events

Technological solutions

  • Alarm systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Access control systems
  • Aerial and underwater drones
Our solution in action

Protection of employees during a business visit in high-risk security areas

For customer’s staff embarked on an audit tour of various business partners’ sites, in a high risk area, we provide secure transport solutions.

Kinshasa and the surrounding area, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our other fields of expertise

Maritime security

Whether on land or at sea, we train your crews, while protecting your ships and infrastructure.

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Maritime security

Security consulting

We provide ongoing support to manage your security challenges.

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Security management

Our experts in the field are integrated within your teams to manage every aspect of your security.

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Security management

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